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Video Submission Rules


  • Participant must submit the video recording link along with the application.
    (No video revision after submitting the registration)
  • The video recording can be made at home, at private center or at music school (Not recommended to use a live-performance recorded from other competitions venue).
  • The video should be a "one take" video shot and not edited in any way both audio and visual. Do not add any effects to the video: merging, transition effects or adding subtitles such as name/category/title of work (the identification can be done in the YouTube title).
  • Pieces must be performed by memory. Omitt the repeat marks, except for Da Capo (D.C) and Dal Segno (D.S). If 1st and 2nd room, directly to 2nd room.
  • Record the video from a fixed position to avoid "shaky hand" effect and facing straight ahead at the camera as in a live performance.
  • Ensure that the video consistently captures the face and hands of the performer, where possible the whole of the keyboard should be visible and the pedals should also be in view.
  • It is recommended to record the video in landscape mode (horizontal orientation).
  • Participants will not be penalized for the quality of the video, but it is important to ensure the quality is good enough (image and sound) to see and hear the participant clearly.
  • Platform for uploading videos : YouTube only
  • YouTube Video Format:

  YouTube Title : Classical Keys 2023 - the participant's name - categories- title of the work
  (Example: Classical Keys 2023 - John - Piano Mandatory Basic A - The Campton Race)

  Privacy setting: "Public" or "Unlisted"

  • Please make sure the video visibility setting before submitting your application, and it must remain so for the entire duration of the competition.
  • Copy the shareable link and insert it into the registration form