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Marking Criteria & Prize Structure


  • The following prizes will be awarded to participants in all categories:

  1st Prize : 90 points - above
  2nd Prize : 85 - 89 points
  3rd Prize : 80 - 84  points
  4th Prize : 75 - 79 points
  Honorable Mention : 74 points - bellow

  • There is no limit to the number of each prize (individual assesement).

  • The participants will be assessed based solely on the submitted recordings. The competition committee will arrange and send participants' video to professional jury panel.

  • In awarding, jury members will give marks based on which qualities and abilities listed below are demonstrated towards the overall result.The judging criteria includes: notes and rhythm accuracy, articulation, dynamics, tempo, technique, sound quality, interpretation & artistic.

  • Cash prizes will be awarded to selected high scorer.

  • All participants will receive a Certificate and judge's comments (digital format) which can be downloaded in the website. Trophy for all participants will be sent to the registered shipping address after the announcement of the results.